About Bigfish toys (ENG)

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《 Greetings 》
My name is Jam, a soft toy artist.
Since 2018, we have been creating soft toys made from socks.
Through my creative activities, we have been pursuing the cuteness and fun of soft toys,
supported by testimonials from happy customers.
From now on, we plan to create soft toys using a variety of high quality fabrics, not just socks.
We will express cuteness unique to Bigfish toys products, more freely and deeply.
We hope our soft toys will be loved by our customers for many years to come.

《 Online store’s first product 》
Fortunately, 《 Organic cotton sock monkey 》 ,created in the early stages of my artist’s career, has been well-received by many customers.
But, as we created new soft toys, we gradually became unable to produce it.
We have received many inquiries.
 ” I want to give it to my baby. ”
 “ I’d like to get it as baby shower gift. “
After that, we decided to re-create new soft toys using production techniques and originality cultivated through my creative activities.
We hope that you would choose our soft toys as birthday presents, first toys, or collections.

《 Policy 》
We commit that we will manufacture products which are safe and secure, being focus on 《 unique design 》, 《 high quality fabrics 》, 《 high quality products 》, and 《 made in Japan 》.
We think a soft toy is not an indispensable item in daily life, but it is a wonderful companion that has positive effects in various situations and improves the quality of life.
Depending on your mood at the time, a soft toy’s expression will look different, such as happy, sad, or angry.
We would be very pleased if our soft toys could help you in that way.

《 Contact 》
 - mail :[email protected]
 - tell :050-7114-4155
 - reception hours:13:00 〜 20:00
  ( Closed on weekends and holidays. )

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